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Group252 Network Request Free Consultation

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A Reliable partner you can Trust
Group252 Network Request Free Consultation

Free Consultation for Network Support in San Diego.

San Diego Tech Support will help you understand the advantages of cost effective Network Support services by revealing the solutions we can provide to your business challenges inside a 1-hour business consultation. We’ll make it as easy and painless as possible to demonstrate your drawbacks in your network infrastructure, as well as an efficient and effective solution to mitigate these challenges. Then we’ll supply you with pricing for our services.

We understand that some clients like to get to business with little time. If you’re more interested in looking at the price, we can provide you with a ballpark estimate upon completion of your free consultation. Provided that we’re in the right ballpark, we will provide you with a written proposal.

Please be thorough and include as much information as you can provide. The San Diego Tech Team will respond promptly. Thanks for submitting your request with us; we look forward to helping you!

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Group252 Network Request Free Consultation
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Request a service estimate for your Business Technology needs. A tech team member will review your business information with you. We’ll make an assessment of your business needs and supply you with detailed pricing for our services. We look forward to handling your request.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, the answer is no (but it’s still yes).


Believe it or not, not all MSP companies offer network support services internally. Most Managed IT Service Providers can provide network support and cabling services, but many MSPs outsource to external vendors to provide these services for their clients.

Sometimes, a Managed IT Services Agreement CAN save you money, but it depends on many circumstances. Managed IT Services enable businesses to run their IT Departments effectively- using professional experts. Managed IT Support can create efficiency and IT Automation through streamlined communications, minimized downtime, and reduced managerial burden. This can result in cost savings in some cases. While Managed IT Support services can reduce costs in certain areas, this should not be the right reason to seek a Managed IT Support company for your IT Service Provider.

For Client Businesses, Managed Service Providers have Outsourced Information Technology Departments. The Client Organization Outsources (through contractual agreement) their IT Department functions (in part or whole) to an outside company, a Managed Service Provider (MSP).


The MSP is a Proactive IT Support Company. The MSP will proactively handle Client IT Business Processes, Network Infrastructure, and Security Monitoring in combination with a desired level of strategic decision-making according to the contract’s specifications. The key here for many organizations is to hire a Trusted Company to build your IT System the Right way and proactively maintain it. This creates a win for the client and the MSP.

If you’ve ever managed a technical employee or staff member, you would understand that this responsibility can become a significant burden. In some instances, more than others, computer technicians have a habit of becoming unresponsive or undermotivated over time.


Often they prefer to work outside of non-technically oriented people. Managed IT Service Companies have Multiple staff members onboard, which helps create a more positive work environment for the IT Service engineers and Tech-Teams. This also enables the MSP to send the technician best suited for the task at hand- increasing operational efficiency. Subsequently, managed service businesses quickly help mitigate these business process concerns.

Reactive Support (break-fix) models usually fail for the following reasons:

    • The number of hours required can change too rapidly. It can fluctuate from too high for the client one week, and the following week – it might be too low for the service provider.
    • Most Break-Fix Tech Shops are smaller shops. They need to have the capacity that a more operationally mature organization has. This can result in scheduling problems and a lack of availability to provide support.
    • The goals of the service provider and the client are conflicting (the service provider needs more hours; the client wants to reduce hours continuously).
    • Businesses rely on non-technical staff to manage an outside IT Contractor—these types of relationships fail for various reasons.
    • These issues can be resolved with either on-demand support or managed services (both require management).
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