Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
for Small Businesses

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A Reliable partner you can Trust

Group252 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for Small Businesses

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A Reliable partner you can Trust
Group252 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for Small Businesses

San Diego Tech Support is an effective Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
for businesses in San Diego and throughout Southern California.

Looking for a Cloud Service Provider for your business in Southern California? San Diego Tech Support takes pride in our ability to help you with your business’s cloud needs. We are a reliable IT support and Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and have helped companies in Southern California for many years with a variety of IT management and managed cloud services.

As a Cloud Service Provider, San Diego Tech Support is a great option for small businesses who want to move to the cloud but don’t have the in-house expertise or resources. Our consultants will work with you to develop the most effective solutions for your cloud service requirements and can manage the entire process for you. This will give you extra time to focus on your business, instead of stressing about your technology.

Wireless Network Installation Service
Using San Diego Tech Support as Your Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Your Business Will Gain:

Looking For Fast Support?

San Diego Tech Support Cloud Services Provider(CSP) Will Give a Tailored Cloud Solution specifically for Your Business:
Our cloud service providers are experts in delivering solutions that are tailored to your business. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and we take the time to learn about your specific needs and requirements. This way, we can ensure that the solutions we provide are the best possible fit for your company. In addition, we will analyze your data and information-use in order to provide you with effective recommendations.

Our service, if combined with managed security can incorporate multiple layers of cybersecurity. If not, you’ll at least have the embedded base level of cybersecurity associated with the Cloud Services options you’ve selected. These services will still help protect your business network and keep your data safe. San Diego Tech Support aims to resolve many business challenges and concerns regarding data security.
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Several Cloud Consulting Services we offer (as your San Diego Cloud Service Provider):

mall Businesses in San Diego Have These Key Issues With Local Tech Support Service Providers (Including Cloud Service Providers):

Over the years, working in the cloud services industry, we've oftentimes heard customer complaints regarding lack of satisfaction with previous service providers. Within our experience, the problem isn't usually with a service provider's technical services - the issue lies within the way their business is run. 

Most of the time, one-person or two-person service shops usually fail in the customer service aspect of the business. Service providers with this structure do not have the ability to deliver managed solutions effectively. For example, an individual tech consultant does not have the capacity to respond to multiple cyber attacks simultaneously (even if they are an expert). A tech-team would be more appropriate for this type of requirement.

Two of the most common issues are pricing, and reliability:


It can be important to find a service provider that you can rely on, to build a relationship over time. Reason being -this service provider may need to perform additional services later. The lower price services will usually show to be less-than-reliable for long term needs. Race is Different.


Many clients have complained about pesky hourly fees. Such as the computer consultant who will try to spend that extra 15-30 minutes onsite, just to charge an extra fee. Independent Contractors may charge reasonable hourly rates in some cases. When they rely on service-hours to make a living, their goal is to bill as many as possible.

In the case of Independent IT Contractors- many of these technicians take as much work as they can possibly get. They may not have a specialized technical category of focus, they become a Jack-of-All-Tech-Trades Master of None. The result is- it may take significantly longer to fix the same type of issue a Specialized Technician would have fixed in 1 hour.

IT Consultant

Most Of The Time, Local Service Contractor (It-Guy) Agreements for Cloud Consulting Services Can Fail for the Following Reasons:

Trusted IT Support Company

Service Agreements with Developed Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s), for Cloud Services (Including Cloud Consulting Services in San Diego), Don't Usually Fail for the Same Reasons. Managed Service Providers are Developed Companies, Which Offer Clients the Following Benefits:

Is San Diego Tech Support the Best Cloud Service Provider in Southern California?
With many service offerings surrounding cloud services and technology management services in the marketplace today, it’s difficult to say that we are The Best Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offering Technology Consulting Services. We can effectively provide Cloud-Consulting and Managed Cloud services. As a developed Cloud Service Provider (CSP), we have the business infrastructure in place to deploy those services in a reliable fashion. We always work in accordance with your specific budget, and in alignment with your business and technology requirements. We strive to deliver a value-driven service for all of our service offerings.

As additional elements of trust, please recognize that San Diego Tech Support is part of a national service provider organization. Our framework and backbone enable us to support all types of businesses large and small, from enterprise businesses to smaller businesses alike. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Google serve as part of the identification of our dedication and expertise to provide and manage cloud solutions for our clients throughout the San Diego area.

If you’re ready for a Managed Service, partner with our Tech Team:

Are you ready to take your IT support to the next level?

Contact us today. Tell us more about your business, and what you’re looking for. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business. Based on your details- we can explain to you how our Managed IT Services can benefit your business.


Feel free to reach out by filling out the contact form. We’ll be able to supply you with pricing in a timely fashion.

logo white.png Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for Small Businesses
Group252 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for Small Businesses

    Additional Data Center services Provided by San Diego Tech Support

    Comanaged IT Services

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Complete IT Technology Outsourcing Service

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Does Managed IT Services Save you Money?

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    IT Vendor Management Services

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    IT Project Management Services

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Managed Data Storage Services

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Managed IT Services Pricing

    Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/Laptop and Server.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    In short, the answer is actually no (but it’s still yes).

    Believe it or not, not all MSP companies offer cloud services. Most managed IT service companies have the capability to perform cloud related services, but they don’t always perform these services using internal employees.
    Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are service companies who provide managed IT services to their clients. A managed service provider delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration on customers’ premises, in their MSP’s data center (hosting), or in a third-party data center. Some of these offerings may include things like help desk services, disaster recovery, managed security services or various cybersecurity services as well as a wide range of cloud computing or cloud-based services.


    MSPs may deliver their own native services in conjunction with other providers’ services (for example, a security MSP providing sys admin on top of a third-party cloud IaaS). Pure-play MSPs focus on one vendor or technology, usually their own core offerings. Many MSPs include services from other types of providers. The term MSP traditionally was applied to infrastructure or device-centric types of services but has expanded to include any continuous, regular management, maintenance and support.

    Source: /it-glossary-and-faq/what-is-a-Managed-it-service-provider-MSP
    For client businesses, managed service providers are simply an outsourced information technology department. The client organization outsources (through contractual agreement) their IT department functions (in part or in whole) to an outside company, a managed service provider (MSP).

    The MSP is a proactive IT support company. The MSP will proactively handle client IT business processes, network infrastructure and security monitoring in combination with a desired level of strategic decision-making, according to the specifications of the contract. The key here for many organizations is to hire a trusted company to build their IT system the right way, and proactively maintain it. This creates an environment which is easy to work with, and one that doesn’t break down often – a win for the client, and a win for the MSP.
    If you’ve ever been in the position of managing a technical employee or staff member, you would understand that this responsibility can become a large burden. In certain cases more than others, computer technicians seem to have a habit of becoming unresponsive or undermotivated over time.

    Oftentimes they don’t enjoy working underneath non-technically oriented people. Managed IT service companies have multiple staff-members onboard, and we notice this helps to create a more positive work-environment for the IT service engineers and tech-teams. Additionally, this also enables the MSP to send the technician best suited for the task at hand – increasing operational efficiency. Subsequently managed service businesses easily help mitigate these business process concerns.

    Reactive support (break-fix) models usually fail for the following reasons:

    • The number of hours required can change too rapidly. It can fluctuate from too high for the client one week and the next week it might be too low for the service provider.
    • Most break-fix tech shops are smaller shops.  They don’t have the capacity that a more operationally mature organization has.  This can result in scheduling problems and lack of availability to provide support.
    • The goals of the service provider and the client are conflicting in nature (the service provider needs more hours; the client wants to continuously reduce hours).
    • Business is relying on non-technical staff to manage an outside IT contractor – these types of relationships fail for a variety of reasons.
    • These issues can be resolved with either on-demand support or managed services (both require management).
    Client Testimonials
    Feeling lost in the jargon?
    Learn about Managed Service related technical terminology to freshen your understanding of the listed terms.
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    We’ve remained a loyal customer because they provide consistent, diligent, and excellent service

    Rob - Springfield Candy

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    Race Comouter Services replaced my old camera sustem with a now HO camera sustom

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    It was a pleasure to have you guys working with us on our Windows 7 upgrade project

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    Excellent Customer Service and His cost was quite reasonable

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