Drive your business forward with these VoIP services

by Tech Advisory January 18, 2023
img blog 4 voip services to help your business B 7yNlDm Drive your business forward with these VoIP services

More and more companies are making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from traditional landlines due to VoIP’s cost-efficiency, cutting-edge call features, and remote work capabilities. However, understanding the various VoIP services and choosing the right one for your company can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the information you need to choose the right type of VoIP service for your business.

Business services

Business VoIP services are significantly more cost-effective than traditional phone lines. They offer several handy features, such as audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive voice response, automated attendants, call queues, and comprehensive call reports. You even gain access to full tech support when you sign up for business VoIP services.

VoIP for business can either be on-premises or cloud-based. Businesses that choose on-premises VoIP need to set aside substantial capital to purchase the required equipment, not to mention regular fees associated with maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. The upside is business owners will have complete control of all on-premises equipment.

Alternatively, if you decide to utilize cloud-based VoIP systems, they will be managed and maintained by a third-party service provider. This not only reduces the need for expensive hardware but also eliminates the cost of having an in-house team managing and maintaining these complex systems. With one fixed monthly fee, all tasks are taken care of with exceptional efficiency.

Software-based services

Software-based is the most common type of VoIP service that many businesses and individuals use every day. To use this service, you can either access a web application or install an app on your computer. You can then use your computer’s audio/video input and output devices to make or receive calls. Notable examples of software-based VoIP services are Viber and Cloudtalk.

Mobile services

Mobile VoIP requires an app to be installed on your smartphone or mobile device. The app lets you make and receive calls from anywhere with a stable internet connection. If you are considering investing in a mobile VoIP service, some of your top options would be Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Meet.

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